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Vacant position as System Engineer UCC (m/f/d)

We are a successful medium-sized IT service provider. We implement modern solutions in the areas of IT and telecommunications for our customers from various industries. For our IT team we are looking for ...
19. April 2021

Vacant position as System Engineer with project responsibility (m/f/d)

We are a successful medium-sized IT service provider. We implement modern solutions in the areas of IT and telecommunications for our customers from various industries. For our IT team we are looking for ...
19. April 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server: Zero-Day-Exploits

Zero-day exploits in Microsoft Exchange Server (on-premise).
8. März 2021

Partner News Corporate Audio Solutions Victura

New partnership with Victura: for professional telephone announcements!
4. März 2021

Welcome to the team Janina

With great pleasure Comfox welcomes our new Head of Services and Support.
1. März 2021

Partner News Quickline and Synology

A new partnership with Quickline and a new Synology partner status - Certified Gold Partner 2020
18. Februar 2021

Wow - Comfox is 10 years young!

2021 is an anniversary year for Comfox AG!
The company was founded by Martin Fuchs 10 years ago. 10 years with many great moments and experiences, with committed employees and loyal business partners.
8. Februar 2021

New reference EQUILIBRIUM

Our new business reference “EQUILIBRIUM – Verein zur Bewältigung von Depressionen” is online!
28. Januar 2021

Welcome Tobias and Arian

We would like to welcome two new team members.
18. Januar 2021

15. Januar 2021

Crash course on Microsoft Teams

This is how you improve your collaboration.
14. Januar 2021

Comfox wishes a happy new year

Dear business partners. Soon it will be that time again and the year will be drawing to a close. 2020 was an eventful and challenging year. All the more we would like to thank you for your trust.
18. Dezember 2020

Virtual Christmas Tables

Last Friday 04.12.2020 we were allowed to celebrate our Christmas event. At the virtual tables we talked lively with each other, baked delicious cookies and enjoyed a noble dinner.
10. Dezember 2020

Welcome Alain!

Alain Gasparrino has taken over his new role as Head of IT and Projects on October 1, 2020. For more than 10 years, Alain has been at home in the ICT industry as a line and project manager.
9. Oktober 2020

Welcome to the Comfox Team!

We are pleased to welcome two new apprentices to our team. Egor Chirkov as 1st year apprentice computer scientist and Justin Herzig as ICT specialist, who has now joined us in the 3rd year of apprenticeship.
4. August 2020

When the Comfox team defied the weather

Last Thursday our Comfox summer event took place. We went to Flavio Orler's, brewing and barbecuing. We started at 5:00 p.m. Even before we drove to Rothenburg it was raining cats and dogs all day long. ...
8. Juli 2020

Congratulations on the completion of your apprenticeship Fabian

We are pleased that Fabian Binzegger has successfully passed his final apprenticeship examination as computer scientist EFZ. We are all proud and pleased about his achievements and congratulate him sincerely. ...
3. Juli 2020

Microsoft Office 365 data to be migrated to Switzerland

Until recently, Microsoft backed up its data throughout Europe, but since the beginning of January, Microsoft customers have been able to keep their data on servers in Switzerland. The corresponding adjustments ...
12. Juni 2020

Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

It was announced in March and has been implemented since April 21, 2020: Office 365 is now called Microsoft 365, with few changes for the time being.
23. April 2020

Happy Easter from the home office

The Comfox team wishes everyone a Happy Easter and hopes you are well and had a nice holiday!
14. April 2020

Help for companies in the Corona crisis

The coronavirus has made many things more difficult - including working. Many companies have to switch to home offices and in some cases financial shortages threaten.
2. April 2020

Swisscom DCS+ outage April

In April, Swisscom carries out an adjustment to the data centre, in which all servers of DCS+ customers are also affected. Internet connectivity will be interrupted, and this adjustment will then ensure ...
26. März 2020

Your feedback is important to us!

We want to improve our customer support, that's why we sent a survey to our customers by email at the end of last week.
We are still at the beginning of our announced reorganization and your feedback ...
23. März 2020

Mobile and landline telephony impaired

The extraordinary situation has led to a rapid increase in the use of our telecommunications services in the last few hours. This has led to an enormous increase in the strain on the infrastructure of ...
16. März 2020

Internal measures for protection against coronavirus

The current situation surrounding the rapidly spreading coronavirus has prompted Comfox AG to take additional protective measures. We have therefore decided that, with immediate effect and until further ...
13. März 2020

The Microsoft Cloud has recently expanded its location to Switzerland

The Microsoft Cloud Data Centers in the Zurich and Geneva regions have gone live and now offer local data storage for security and control as well as geo-redundancy for increased business continuity.
6. März 2020

Universal Office app for Android

Microsoft has released an app that gives Android users an interface for solutions like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, this application only works on smartphones but not tablets.
28. Februar 2020

Swisscom DCS+ outage on 01.03.2020

On 01.03.2020 Swisscom will carry out an adjustment at the data centre, in which all servers of DCS+ customers will also run. Internet connectivity will therefore be interrupted, thus ensuring and improving ...
27. Februar 2020

EVZ – HC Fribourg-Gottéron 5:0

Last Saturday we had our event in the Academy Box in the Bossard Arena. In the end 23 people, customers, employees and partner companies participated.
18. Februar 2020

Mobile again!

Multiple sclerosis is a chronically progressive neurological disease affecting the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. In MS patients, their own immune system destroys parts of the nerve fibres ...
14. Februar 2020

Our reorganisation

At our autumn event in 2019, we were announced an internal reorganisation. At the beginning of January 2020 we were able to realize the reorganization.
Our previous IT - and UC team was replaced by "Projects" ...
7. Februar 2020

Skype for Business to be cancelled - Introducing Microsoft teams

On 31 July 2021 Skype for Business will be shut down. After that the service will no longer be available and will be replaced by the already very popular collaboration platform "Teams".
Microsoft Teams ...
31. Januar 2020

Happy new year 2020

Dear customers and partners.
Once again a successful year is coming to an end. Thanks to your trust and the pleasant cooperation we were able to achieve a lot. We thank you very much. Our office is closed ...
20. Dezember 2019

How well is your SME protected?

Swiss SMEs are often not sufficiently protected against acute threats from cyberspace and are not aware of this either. A working group from ICTswitzerland has therefore joined forces to raise awareness ...
4. Oktober 2019

Sponsoring Zuger Highlands

The new floorball championship has started. We sponsor the tricots of the Zug Highlands U9 teams for the second season in a row. On November 3rd the junior team will start with a home match in the sports ...
27. September 2019

Congratulations on the certificate!

We congratulate Flavio Orler (on the left) on obtaining the NSE 4 Network Security Professional certificate. After a five-day course and his strict learning, he successfully passed the test. With this ...
5. September 2019

ESAF Swing Festival 2019

Today until Sunday, the Swiss Swing and Alpine Festival takes place in Zug. It is one of the largest folk festivals in Switzerland and is an exciting and eventful festival every three years. The preparations ...
23. August 2019


We are pleased to welcome three more members. Georgios Kennedy, Junior System Engineer, joined us in mid-february 2019 as IT support. Kim Niklaus, new apprentice as mediamatics technician, and Lucius Schärer, ...
8. August 2019

Modern technology meets historical ambience

Fortinet has published an interesting user report about our migration project for our customer and partner Maiensässhotel Guarda Val. One year ago, we were able to replace the obsolete WLAN infrastructure ...
15. April 2019

Comfox OpenDay

Comfox open Day
Freitag 22. März 2019, 16 – 21 Uhr
Bösch 82, CH-6331 Hünenberg
11. März 2019

Dear customers and partners, once again an exciting year is coming to an end. Thank you very much for the good cooperation and the trust you have placed in us.
Our office is closed from 24.12.2018 - ...
21. Dezember 2018

New apprentices

We are pleased to welcome Julian Wilhelmus and Nando Suter as our new apprentices. Julian is going to be educated as an information technician and Nando as a telematic technician. The youngsters have started ...
14. August 2018

New customer testemonials: Mario Stadelmann, CIO, MedCenter AG

The MedCenter Group combines selected medical services and services for physicians and healthcare professionals in one powerful network. Centralised patient dossiers and interconnected medical knowledge ...
29. März 2018

Also Cloud Marketplace

Our CEO Martin Fuchs gives feedback about the Cloud Marketplace. Comfox has been using this platform since its introduction. The Cloud Marketplace is a platform with a wide range of cloud services. More ...
19. Februar 2018


Since the 1st of November 2017 we are happy to welcome two new members. The IT technican Martin Perotto supports our IT team and Michèle Schneider complements our backoffice. We are pleased to have them ...
12. Februar 2018

Swisscom disturbance

This week Swisscom had their second large disturbance this year. This affected several thousand SME customers throughout Switzerland who use the products Smart Business Connect or Managed Business Communication. ...
19. Januar 2018

22. Dezember 2017

Cyber-attacks on Swiss SMEs

A recent report by 10vor10 shows that most Swiss SMEs take too few measures to ensure digital security. This topic affects us time and again. More than 200’000 Swiss SMEs have been affected by cyber-attacks.
18. Dezember 2017

Certificated Innovaphone partner

We are pleased to announce that we are a newly certified partner of Innovaphone. We have added Innovaphone to our assortment as an alternative to Mitel.
13. November 2017

Welcome back

Since last December Jonas Rickenbach has strengthened our team as a UC specialist. After a long break because of the recruit school he is now back at Comfox. We wish Jonas a good comeback and are delighted ...
19. September 2017

Simon, congratulations on your success!

Comfox is celebrating the success of Simon Jauch. He passed the examination to the «Eidg. Dipl. ICT Manager»!
14. September 2017

New reference: Ulf Hunziker, Traco Power

The existing telephone system of Traco Power was getting older and had to be replaced urgently. For this project, they needed a competent partner. Click on the link below to find out why Traco Power chose ...
14. Juni 2017

The new subscription of swisscom is here

The new subscription inOne can be put together according to the needs of your SME. The flexible subscription leaves nothing to be desired: fast Internet, top service and unlimited telephony. Combine inOne ...
30. Mai 2017

Our event was a great success

Many customers have visited our Comfox event on May 8th 2017 in the bakery-confectionery von Rotz. Thanks to exciting lectures on ALL IP, Microsoft Cloud PBX, digitalization in connection with the cloud ...
22. Mai 2017

Welcome back

With immediate effect, we are welcoming a well-known person to our team. Flavio Orler will support us as a UC technician.
We are happy to welcome Flavio Orler to our team and wishes him a great start.
21. April 2017

New reference: Ralph Treuthardt, Hotel Guarda Val

Luxury combined with tradition at 1600 meters above sea. For this, IT and telecommunication have to work perfectly. What we have done for the Hotel Guarda Val, besides mail migration and virtualisation ...
14. Februar 2017

New reference: Roland Bieri, Lassalle-Haus

The Lassalle-Haus is a non-profit organization, which is led by the Jesuit Order. The old servers from Lassalle-Haus were at their capacity limit, a new solution was urgently needed.

Comfox's outsourcing ...
8. Februar 2017

The cloud as a project

What are the advantages of the cloud for SMEs? See for yourself in the new Swisscom SME newsletter
20. Dezember 2016

The SCB was stronger than the EVZ last Friday

Last Friday we were able to welcome our partners in the Academy Box. Besides the Apéro riche we were offered a treat on the ice. The EVZ was fighting against the SCB with all their might, but had to concede ...
15. November 2016

What is the Cloud PBX?

Running your PBX in the cloud eliminates the need for traditional PBX hardware and the associated maintenance costs. In addition, you can use a variety of features, such as delegating calls, calling someone ...
31. Oktober 2016

Comfox is a great team!

Unfortunately, the Comfox autumn event is already history.
21. September 2016

Your mobile phone is now your desk phone, thanks to the Mitel Mobile Client

Employees who are always on the road, want to use their mobile phones with the same features that they had from their desk phones.
14. September 2016

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for free

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the second major update since the introduction of Windows 10. It offers great new features, which our customers requested: newly integrated security features (antivirus, ...
31. August 2016

New Reference: Beatrice Villiger, practice kinesiology and spa massages

To be found better at Google and at the same time attract more customers, this was the successful project for the practice kinesiology and spa massages.
24. August 2016

Membership TFZ

The Technology Forum aims to efficiently support the economy by bringing innovation- and technology-oriented companies, such as Comfox, together.
17. August 2016

New Reference: Lukas Häfliger AVS Systeme AG

From Exchange to flexible Office 365 account with Comfox AG. Read more about the project with AVS.
2. August 2016

Only a few days left for a free upgrade to Windows 10

You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free until the 29th of July, 2016. (Assuming you have eligible devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.)
26. Juli 2016

Made an easy introduction to All IP

How about use it instead of buy it? This is possible with the virtual PBX Smart Business Connect. In addition to the many benefits, this packet offers free calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile networks ...
1. Juli 2016

New Reference: René Holenweger, Marco Polo Business Apartments

You can read what Mr René Holenweger from Marco Polo Business Apartments has to say about us in the newest testemonial.
17. Juni 2016

Win great prizes with our EM sprots bet 2016

Are you already curious to see who wins the european football championship title in 2016? Now enter your guess in the schedule and win great prizes. Do not let the great opportunity pass and vote now.
8. Juni 2016

All IP – a trend all over the world

The move to All IP is currently taking place around the world. All IP means, that landline, TV, mobile telephony and Internet services as well as all associated services consistently communicate over the ...
4. Mai 2016

How does cloud run’s a Car dealership

The Autohaus Imholz AG was looking for a new IT solution by the constant increase of the company. For this reason Comfox created a new cloud solution for them. The new solution saves 25 % of the costs ...
26. April 2016

The IP - based communication solution with virtual telephone system (hosted)

With the virtual Smart Business Connect telephone system you get the best flexibility and the highest level of safety - thanks to Swisscom cloud. Since the telephone system is virtual, you are always up-to-date ...
21. April 2016

HP PageWide - Experience the Printer Revolution

HP Page Wide Technology helps your company to invent printing new, as well as your business processes. The stationary print head covers the entire width of the page, and so speeds up the pressure in a ...
8. April 2016

XS or XL?

Surf the internet and phone with high speed throughout the world? Perhaps surf and make calls in a cost-efficient manner in Switzerland? With the new NATEL ® Infinity 2.0 plans from Swisscom, the right ...
23. März 2016

Does your firewall speak with your workstation / tablet / mobile?

It becomes even easier to increase IT security. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. For example the new feature ‘Security Heartbeat ‘, which permits, showing of important details through ...
16. März 2016

Surface? Surface!

We from Comfox have been working with the proven Surface devices since the launch from Microsoft. The surface supports us in our daily business and is ideally suited to work with our fox cloud.

This ...
10. März 2016

The end of the analogue network

From 2018, the phone works only on the Internet. Swisscom switches off the proven analog network. Not only phones must be converted, also lifts or alarm systems.

We from Comfox AG advise and assist ...
3. März 2016

We create your SharePoint online solution

Do you want to have access to your data always and everywhere? Are you looking for an affordable intranet / extranet environment and do you want to easily deploy all the data and documents in your company?

This ...
25. Februar 2016

New partnership with Sophos

IT security products have become as complicated as the networks which are supposed to protect.

Comfox and Sophos know: The solution for complex IT security can’t bring more complexity. Therefore we ...
18. Februar 2016

We are online now

For us, concern it is to be a huge always up to date. Continuously we keep looking for new technologies, to inform you about the updates and which projects are in progress with us.

We are pleased about ...
26. Januar 2016

Swisscom NATEL subscriptions and Smartphones starting today in our sales

It’s nothing new that we support mobiles. From now, we have all the tools and approaches of Swisscom available to order independently corresponding subscriptions and equipment directly. We can also give ...
22. Dezember 2015

Mary Christmas everywhere

Dear friends, customers and partners
Comfox celebrates Christmas and we don’t want to refrain to thank you for the great 2015. For your loyalty, for your partnership, for your support and for your trust ...
17. Dezember 2015

Complete IT and communications infrastructure for the Lassalle House

The Lassalle House rebuilds, while we realize the complete IT and communications infrastructure for them. Since January 2015 Comfox has planned the network design and the relocation of the infrastructure ...
9. Dezember 2015

New W-LAN infrastructure for the hotel on the lake Zug

Comfox construct recently the new wireless infrastructure of the four-star Hotel on the lake in Zug. Thanks to our wireless system you have Internet in the 47 rooms with breathtaking views of the Clock ...
1. Dezember 2015

Josh Holden and Lars Weibel visited us

We were happy about yesterday's visit by Josh Holden (EVZ Forward) and by Lars Weibel (Sales Sponsoring & Hospitality) in our new office. The number 27, Josh Holden signed his own giant wall with full ...
26. November 2015


Last summer we set up our offices – now the final details are finished. We invite you all cordially to visit our new office.
5. November 2015

Full Outsourcing for Pneuhaus Frank

Comfox will renew the whole IT and Telco Infrastructure. Pneuhaus Frank will be fully outsourced in the future. The 14 locations will be connected to our Foxcloud solution. In the Foxcloud we can supply ...
23. Juli 2015

New Reference: Marco Reinhard, Infoniqa SQL AG

We employ approximately 50 people at our three locations in Baden, Zug and Lausanne. previously, a separate telephone system was used at each location. Comfox has given us competent advice and recommended ...
16. Juni 2015

About Comfox services

What we can do with our service for you? A short video gives you a quick overview of the full scope of our services. Of course you can also relate individually. Have fun!
1. Juni 2015

Autohaus Imholz, Cham

The car dealership Imholz Autohaus AG in Cham is currently setting up a new, additional sales building. At the same time it also commissioned us with the job of migrating its entire ITC to Cloud and ensuring ...
26. Mai 2015

New website

We put a lot of effort into making sure you always get the service you expect from us. That is why we have polished up our website and made sure it is at the cutting edge of technology. So now it is easier ...
26. Mai 2015
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