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20. Mai 2021

Susann Egli, CEO Parkinson Schweiz

Parkinson Switzerland offers advice in the areas of social insurances, care and everyday life as well as self-help. The counseling is a core service of Parkinson Switzerland and this is free of charge. The counselling team advises affected persons and relatives on everyday life with Parkinson's disease. Employers and professionals can also get advice on specific topics.

Comfox supports the organization in 2021 with a collective membership.

Ms. Egli ( CEO), what does Parkinson's Switzerland do?

More than 15,000 people in Switzerland have Parkinson's, a neurodegenerative disease that results in increasing limitations. The causes of the disease, which involves progressive damage to nerve cells in the brain, are unknown. There is no cure, but many symptoms can be treated.

Parkinson Switzerland, an organization active throughout Switzerland, is committed to improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson's disease and their families. The non-profit association, certified by the ZEWO foundation, was founded in 1985 and has over 7,000 members.

Ms. Egli, how can affected persons and also their relatives benefit from the organization?

Parkinson Switzerland offers a wide range of events such as information conferences, seminars and courses as well as Parkinson vacations. Together with hospitals and clinics, information conferences are held throughout Switzerland. These conferences are aimed at people affected by Parkinson's disease, specialists and interested parties. Admission is free of charge. Parkinson Switzerland offers an extensive range of information material and aids for affected persons, relatives and professionals.

Mrs. Egli, how can the organization best be supported?

Members make a valuable contribution to the commitment of Parkinson Switzerland for the affected persons and their relatives. Parkinson Switzerland is grateful for free donations so that they can be used where support is most urgently needed - unbureaucratically and directly. We assure a conscientious handling of donations. An earmarked donation is fully allocated to a project. The following projects are currently available for selection: Parkinson's research, solidarity fund, vacation offers, counseling offer, Parkinson's magazine, sensitization of the public and information conferences / events.

Parkinson Switzerland is a long-standing customer of Comfox AG and obtains various services in the areas of: Telephony, Support and Preventive Maintenance.

Mrs. Egli, are you satisfied with the support from Comfox AG?

We are very satisfied with the cooperation and can emphasize the professionalism, the fast response times and the know-how of the employees. We can highly recommend Comfox as a ICT partner.

If you would like to support the organization or even become a member, you can find more information at: www.parkinson.ch.


20. Mai 2021
„Parkinson Switzerland offers advice in the areas of social insurances, care and everyday life as well as self-help. The counseling ...“
Susann Egli, CEO Parkinson Schweiz
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