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In Cloud with Comfox
Cloud computing offers many advantages over a traditional system with servers and PCs: increased flexibility, greater security and lower costs.

Microsoft Office 365

Simplify your company’s communication and document management with Office365. With 50 GB of storage per e-mail account and an additional 10 GB for sharing documents with SharePoint makes using Microsoft's Cloud package quick and inexpensive. The integrated Lync makes for easy internal communication - anytime, anywhere. All you need is a PC or laptop and a connection to the Internet.


SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization.

You can purchase SharePoint in the cloud as a standalone offering or as part of an Office 365 suite, where you can also get access to Exchange, Skype for Business, the Office clients, and web apps.



With Lync you can track the availability of your contacts, send chat messages, and perform audio calls, video calls or online meetings or participate in, and all this on a consistent, familiar interface. Lync can be used in other Office programs integrate and is available for Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPod, Android and subscribers of Office 365 available.


Swisscom Storebox

Storebox gives you the freedom to access your data anywhere and at any time. You can share documents with your employees and external partners with Sync&Share. The back-up function increases the security of your business,  since your data are always easy at hand – in Swisscom's Swiss Cloud.

  • With Sync & Share sharing files in your organization and with your external partners.
  • Each time with any device access
  • Worry-free backup of your data from PCs in the Cloud
  •  The data in the Storebox be regularly backed up automatically and stored during 3o days. You have the ability to automatically restore the data when files are changed, every 90 minutes a snapshot. At the end of the day, these snapshots are consolidated. Currently Storebox stores seven daily and four weekly snapshots.
  •  When the servers is virtual, highly available servers that are protected by numerous safeguards. This includes firewalls and reverse proxy server and other security measures in accordance with Security Governance Swisscom.
  • Swisscom stands for the highest security and data management in Switzerland. Store your business data encrypted in Swisscom data centers in Switzerland and are distributed across multiple data centers georedundant saved.

Technical details: The data in the dynamic memory from Swisscom accordance with the procedure GeoParity encrypted (software RAID over four geographies). All Storebox infrastructure servers are grouped into clusters, and run completely in the Swisscom cloud.



You want to swap to a Cloud solution? We virtually build your infrastructure or virtualise your existing server. When operating in the protected Foxcloud server space of the Swisscom Data Centre a fast connection, security and accessibility from anywhere take precedence. Forget hardware malfunctions, backups, antivirus software, software updates, firewalls, power consumption, heat generation, air conditioning, UPS, noise pollution and troubleshooting, they are a thing of the past!
We would like to show we you personally just what changes and benefits you can expect from a transition to Cloud and exactly what it would mean for your business.

The highlight of Foxcloud:

  • It is deliberately set to technologies which are recognized in the market, have been established to accordingly and therefore are accordingly available at low cost.
  • There are in business users secure more exciting themes than the storage of documents in order to fulfill the retention obligations.
  • Higher liquidity for business relevant investments held appropriate investments in expensive hardware.
  • Performance and stability is desired not only in the course of business, but is expected no ifs and buts of the ICT environment.
  • Higher dynamics and agility brings competitive advantages their ICT environment to the respective needs adapts to accordingly.
  • The different technologies in a compact closed system unite, this is our know-how of our engineering.
  • High-power Internet connectivity with direct access to high-performance networks enabling high availability for business-critical application.
  • Highly available virtual servers, perfectly scalable, geo-redundant design possible for most business-critical applications (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery).
  • Georedundant data storage across multiple sites

Data centers in Switzerland:

We operate our Foxcloud in the computing centers of Swisscom. The 4 Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) data centers are built georedundant and are all located in Switzerland. Therefore we can together always ensure that your data are located in Switzerland with Swisscom. The data centers are certified (ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO / IEC 2700; ISO / IEC 20000) and thus meet the highest standards.

Data center location Europe:

We operate our Foxcloud in the computing centers of Microsoft. The 20 Azure - data centers can be assembled georedundant and are located in 22 regions worldwide. Thanks to the demand control together we can always guarantee that your data will only be in the EU (European Union) with Microsoft. The data centers are certified (ISO 27018) and this meet the highest standards.

We recommend site connectivity by Fortinet UTM implement or direct Managed VPN solutions.

Mount 10 Backup

Security and reliability in its purest form. Mount 10 is the perfect backup for all those who don't want to worry about data backup and want 100 per cent security. Mount 10 satisfies all the aspects of security.
A high-security facility in Switzerland performs the backup, it encrypts your data professionally and automatically every day. No one else has access, just you – from everywhere. You can decide whether you want to back up your entire database or just, for example, individual notebooks.

Guaranteed Backup

  •     Daily process monitoring through the Service Operation Center.

Top Availability

  • Online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your backup history of the selected data: All day backups for the past 2 months, as well as the month-end backup for 12 months are always available online.
  • More for your money, because in addition to the storage volume that you pay, you get in addition the history (day and month versions) of your data for free.
  • Mount10 is a Swiss company (privately owned)
  • Data at SWISS FORT KNOW I and II

Your data is transmitted encrypted in the most secure data fortresses in Europe. Redundant and encrypted (256-bit AES) stored in two separate bunkers (99.7% LNBs) in the Swiss Alps. Fail-safe and protected from any physical access. All systems are equipped with autonomous supply in all areas, as well as an independent from the outside world climate. The Construct is resistant to every military and civilian threat. The people accessed absolutely restrictive.


Dropbox for enterprise is a secure solution for sharing and storing files that employees like and trust the IT administrators.

Working together

  • Increase your company's productivity with Dropbox - a tool that is already being used by over 400 million users. The members of your team can synchronize your data on various devices and instantly share and thus collaborate regardless of location.

Security creates confidence

  • With Dropbox for companies you can safely, reliably and quickly share data. Thanks to the powerful administrative controls can protect the IT department information both inside and outside your organization.

The right investment

  • Save yourself training, support requests and loss of productivity. Give your employees a wide known tool and gives you the IT department (and your team) so that the opportunity to concentrate on your real work.

Dropbox retain to the Safe Harbor arrangements for the data traffic between the US and the EU, the USA and Switzerland (Safe Harbor). The conformity of Dropbox with these agreements has been certified.

For the provision of services, the data is stored at sites around the world, processed and transmitted, that also means at locations outside the country of your residence.

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